"Wrapped In Strength"

Since I was a child, head wraps was something I saw my mom wear frequently. They came in different colors, sizes and styles and I would always be in awe with how she would wrap it and make it look so easy and wear the head wrap so effortlessly. Back then, those head wraps were just an accessory to add style to her already stylish wardrobe. In 2010 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost all of her hair. She continued wearing the head wraps but it then held a new meaning to me. Those head wraps held my mothers, joy and pain, her dignity and all her glory. This photo series exemplifies the strength that my mother wraps her self in every day to conquer her weaknesses, uphold her family, and to get her through this thing called life.

* The University of Houston-Downtown Spring Student Art Exhibition (1st Place) 2016